About David Fathers

David Fathers
Having gained my degree at Newcastle Poly (now University of Northumbria), I worked during the eighties, as a graphic designer and an illustrator for numerous companies including the Radio Times, TSB, Royal Mail, New Scientist, The Observer, Car and Barclays Bank.

The following decade, I worked as a director of several Dorling Kindersley interactive CD ROMs (remember them?) and later as a web producer working for the likes of GME Opel, Nissan, Emirate Airlines and Lloyds TSB.

By the end of the millenium, having tired of working in the large corporate world, I set up a small web production company creating content management systems for SMEs, whilst developing a new portfolio of illustrations.

Following a ‘cycle-path to Damascus’ bike ride along part of the Regent’s Canal in 2009, I was inspired to create an illustrated guidebook to the waterway. I approached Frances Lincoln with the idea of a book that I would write, illustrate and design. They agreed to publish it and the book was released in 2012. The publisher later commissioned me to create two further books on the waterways of London:The London Thames Path’(2015) and London’s Hidden Rivers (2017).

Having ‘run out of water’ I have turned to other ways to explore the capital on foot. My first illustrated guidebook for Bloomsbury was Bloody London which was released in 2020 and I am working on a follow up guidebook, Diverse London, and is to be released in 2021. And I occasionally contribute illustrated features for Londonist.com.

To learn more about how I work as a writer, illustrator and a designer please read the article I wrote for Writers & Artists.

I am based in north London.

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